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7 Benefits of Business Valuation

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The corporate world today has increasingly become more dynamic and volatile. Furthermore, globalization, enhanced IT capabilities, the increasing role of the media and growing awareness of investors have resulted in quite a complex situation. As a result,  mergers, acquisitions, disinvestment, and corporate takeovers have become the order of the day across the globe. However, not […]

The Ultimate Business Valuation Checklist

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An investor understands how important it is to plan and assemble detailed information while undertaking business valuation. How an investor measures business value and under what circumstances impacts the business valuation of an entity. In other words, both the standard of value and the premise of value is important for undertaking business valuation. Say, for […]

Startup Valuation 101: How Are Startups Valued?

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Many valuable companies are reshaping industries and changing the lives of people. As a result of their potential to generate returns and impact society at large, they have been attracting investors to invest capital. A startup needs capital to become successful for its growth and expansion. Whereas, investors seek high-valued companies as they consider such […]