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How To Find A CFO For a Startup

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Introduction As your startup company takes off, you may wonder if you will need an extra brain or skills for all financial aspects of your business — and in most cases, the answer is yes. Making your early-stage startup vision a reality and meeting your expansion goals go hand in hand with sound financial management, […]

CFO Services for Startups – What to Expect

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Introduction Financial expertise is essential when growing your startup. Many small businesses and early-stage companies eventually face the same problem — a lack of financial knowledge or expertise. For startup founders and business owners with little financial expertise, it can be a substantial challenge to record financial data. It can also be hard to evaluate […]

7 Habits of Highly Effective CFOs

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Before diving into the 7 habits of highly effective CFOs, it is critical to understand that contemporary CFOs differ from their traditional counterparts. CFOs are no longer just number crunchers for the company, shooting down innovative ideas and citing budgetary constraints. Their job is now about more than just internal controls, statutory compliance, financial reporting, […]

How Much Does A Virtual CFO Cost in India

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Introduction Whether it’s economic uncertainty, limited budget, or extreme competitiveness, it has become a practical solution for businesses to hire a cost-effective virtual CFO. Amidst economic turmoil and financial challenges, there is no need for small and medium-sized businesses to get an expensive corporate CFO when they can opt for virtual CFO services to run […]

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