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How Much Does a Virtual CFO Cost

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Introduction Whether it’s economic uncertainty, limited budget, or extreme competitiveness, it has become a practical solution for businesses to hire a cost-effective virtual CFO. Amidst economic turmoil and financial challenges, there is no need for small and medium-sized businesses to get an expensive corporate CFO when they can opt for virtual CFO services to run […]

Is Your CFO Giving You These Reports

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A CFO is someone responsible for all the money-related matters whether it is historical or forecasts. The responsibilities do not end by just increasing profit but extend to spotting financial weaknesses and planning for future financial needs. There are some reports such as Balance Sheets, Statement of Profit & Loss and Cash Flow Statements that […]

12 Reasons to Hire A Virtual CFO

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The C-suite proves as a forerunner for the future and a critical arbitrator of difficult decisions in times of uncertainty. Given these uncertain times, a CFO is best positioned to provide the most relevant and updated metrics. Such key financial metrics can help businesses get a clear picture amid chaos.  Many businesses the world over […]

When Should A Startup Hire A CFO?

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When is the right time for a startup to add a CFO to the Team? Should a Startup Hire A CFO? These questions typically comes from CEOs, Venture Investors, and others within the venture talent community. That’s because they understand that a CFO brings enormous practical financial and strategic skills, and knowledge for a business, […]

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