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What Investors Look for During Due Diligence

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Before getting an investment, a company has to go through Due Diligence. This process involves an investigation into the business affairs of the company for finding out whether it is worthy of investment. Though the due diligence can differ according to the nature and size of the company, there are some common check boxes that […]

20 Questions That Every Founder Should Ask an Investor

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More often than not, founders prepare themselves to answer potential investors in the best way possible. However, that’s not the only way of convincing investors to give the funding that your company needs. This is because asking the right questions to your potential investors is also equally as important.  Being able to ask good questions […]

Investor Due Diligence: Everything That A Founder Should Know

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If you are an entrepreneur looking to raise capital, then getting the investor due diligence process right is critical. Understanding what investors look for in a due diligence process helps you navigate the challenges that the due diligence might throw up. Investments in start-ups are inherently risky. The pre-investor due diligence helps investors identify risks, […]