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Co-Founder Exit – What to Expect?

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Introduction Founders play the most crucial role in building a startup company from scratch. Also, it’s their sweat and tears, sleepless nights and determination that keep the team motivated. It convinces and persuades people, including investors, to believe in their idea.  By their inherent nature, startups are tough. For example, there are rarely sufficient funds […]

How Do Startup Founders Make Money?

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Introduction Starting a business comes with its unique risks and rewards, such as liquidity risk. Also, for many entrepreneurs and business founders, the ultimate goal is to make money. Whether you are still in college or sitting in an office cubicle and contemplating a career change to make more money, the idea of launching or forming […]

Negotiating The Venture Debt Term Sheet

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What is Venture Debt Venture debt is a financing option for startups that provides them with the capital they need to grow their business. Unlike traditional debt, venture debt is offered by specialized venture lenders who understand the risks and opportunities of early-stage companies. One of the main advantages of venture debt is that it […]