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All You Need To Know About Liquidation Preference

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In this article, we focus on a very important section in the term sheet – Liquidation Preference. Equity investment inevitably involves a significant element of risk. Since the risk involved in equity investment is significant, the likelihood of earning high returns on investment is also huge.  That’s why investors want look to invest in equity […]

What is Included in Virtual CFO Services?

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Do you know that almost 70% of SMEs would want their accountants to provide business advisory services over the next 5 years? Are you aware that one-third of SMEs use their accountants as virtual CFOs or want to? In these unprecedented times, digital technologies are leading to new SME expectations. SMEs expect digitization and financial […]

11 Things You Should Never Say To An Investor

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There are various sources through which a startup can raise funds including angel investors, venture capitalists, crowdfunding, and government grants. However, the fact of the matter is the principles of a good pitch remain the same no matter what the source of raising funds. A founder or an entrepreneur gets a single chance of meeting […]

Top 10 Startup Mistakes And How You Can Avoid Them

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Entrepreneurs come up with innovative ideas and establish startups to convert such ideas into business opportunities.  Startups go a long way in driving a country’s economic growth. But the reality is that only a few startups are able to go against the tide and achieve success. As per a study, 70% of the startups fail […]

20 Questions That Every Founder Should Ask an Investor

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More often than not, founders prepare themselves to answer potential investors in the best way possible. However, that’s not the only way of convincing investors to give the funding that your company needs. This is because asking the right questions to your potential investors is also equally as important.  Being able to ask good questions […]

Investor Due Diligence: Everything That A Founder Should Know

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If you are an entrepreneur looking to raise capital, then getting the investor due diligence process right is critical. Understanding what investors look for in a due diligence process helps you navigate the challenges that the due diligence might throw up. Investments in start-ups are inherently risky. The pre-investor due diligence helps investors identify risks, […]

What Do VCs Look for in Startups?

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Do you know that top venture capital firms consider on average 101 opportunities before closing a deal? Are you aware that 95% of the VCs give importance to the founder’s team over his business idea? And, do you know that 31% of early-stage venture capital firms do not forecast company financials while making an investment […]