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All You Need To Know About Liquidation Preference

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In this article, we focus on a very important section in the term sheet – Liquidation Preference. Equity investment inevitably involves a significant element of risk. Since the risk involved in equity investment is significant, the likelihood of earning high returns on investment is also huge.  That’s why investors want look to invest in equity […]

20 Questions That Every Founder Should Ask an Investor

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More often than not, founders prepare themselves to answer potential investors in the best way possible. However, that’s not the only way of convincing investors to give the funding that your company needs. This is because asking the right questions to your potential investors is also equally as important.  Being able to ask good questions […]

Why Are Term Sheets Not Legally Binding

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A term sheet is a document that outlines the key terms of an agreement. It’s like an agreement but not legally binding. But that does not mean that there is no legal aspect associated with term sheets. There are many common misconceptions about the meaning of a term sheet, and how they work. So we’re […]