iSAFE Notes: The New Normal of Start-up Fundraising

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Raising Capital for a Start-up Running out of cash is the most common reason why start-ups fail. Therefore, raising capital is always top on the agenda for any start-up co-founder, especially in its early stages.  A typical start-up funding process looks like this: Shareholder agreements usually take weeks to execute. This involves engaging lawyers, sharing […]

Phantom Stock in India: Everything You Need to Know

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What is Phantom Stock? Phantom Stock (also known as shadow stock) is increasingly becoming a new way of compensating and retaining key employees. Thanks to the recent start-up boom, India is now home to more than 100+ unicorns. In simple terms phantom stocks are like ‘mock-stocks’. Employees do not own the stock but get the […]

How to Make Your Startup Finance Ready

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If you are building a company, then, raising funds is something that constantly crosses your mind. Raising funds is one of the crucial ways that are going to fuel the growth of your business. But, it does not start with preparing a pitch deck. It starts from the very first day you had a business […]

What Investors Look for During Due Diligence

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Before getting an investment, a company has to go through Due Diligence. This process involves an investigation into the business affairs of the company for finding out whether it is worthy of investment. Though the due diligence can differ according to the nature and size of the company, there are some common check boxes that […]

7 Deal Breakers While Raising Capital

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Raising Capital is one of the most important tasks a founder can accomplish. Startups have become a lucrative option of investment too for angel investors and venture capitalists. But, while raising capital, you might run into some roadblocks just when you are getting close to a deal.  So, in this article, we are going to […]

Is Your CFO Giving You These Reports

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A CFO is someone responsible for all the money-related matters whether it is historical or forecasts. The responsibilities do not end by just increasing profit but extend to spotting financial weaknesses and planning for future financial needs. There are some reports such as Balance Sheets, Statement of Profit & Loss and Cash Flow Statements that […]

12 Reasons to Hire A Virtual CFO

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The C-suite proves as a forerunner for the future and a critical arbitrator of difficult decisions in times of uncertainty. Given these uncertain times, a CFO is best positioned to provide the most relevant and updated metrics. Such key financial metrics can help businesses get a clear picture amid chaos.  Many businesses the world over […]

7 Benefits of Business Valuation

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The corporate world today has increasingly become more dynamic and volatile. Furthermore, globalization, enhanced IT capabilities, the increasing role of the media and growing awareness of investors have resulted in quite a complex situation. As a result,  mergers, acquisitions, disinvestment, and corporate takeovers have become the order of the day across the globe. However, not […]